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Gimmermehstrasse 18
Gretzenbach, SO, 5014


Rental of Dresses and Accessories for Special Events

Kleider und Accessoires Mietservice für spezielle Anlasse

About Us

Young team, entrepreneurs, passion for fashion

A little bit about us – we are a team of young entrepreneurs with a passion for fashion. Our dream was always to have our own business that would bring a bit more joy and fun into people’s life. Agree that it is quite boring to see women and girls at different events dressed in the clothes from the same shops? We thought that in Switzerland there is not much variety to choose from, especially if you want to keep the budget. Here is how we came to our idea, why not to rent affordable self-designed dresses and other brands not available here, so that you can really stand out at a wedding, an office party or a romantic date?

All our clothes are either designed by us, inspired by the latest trends in the fashion, or carefully chosen in various unique stores to complement the collection. We control the whole process, from design to construction, to production and to shipping to your house. The material chosen for the dresses is of high quality and pleasant to wear, our dresses are hand-made. For the third-party dressed similar principle is followed – high quality of the fabrics, latest trends and unique designs are the essential points looked at by the stylists. The collection is balanced to include the dresses that can suit different occasions, in addition we have carefully chosen the passing accessories to match.

But what is then the advantage for you? You do not need to buy yourself a dress for each event, nor do you have to wear the same dress all over again. Our prices are completely transparent, no hidden costs. Just choose one dress from our recent collection and be a star of the day!