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Rental of Dresses and Accessories for Special Events

Kleider und Accessoires Mietservice für spezielle Anlasse

Style Guide

Dress Codes Decoded – Cocktail

Daria Rudin

Cocktail dress - what can be simpler, you think? Not so easy as it seems!


Have you ever wondered why cocktail? The reason lays in history – in the 1920s more and more women started to work, and the companies hosted cocktail parties for the employees and the customers. Thus, there has arisen a need in a dress that would be suitable for those occasions and comfortable at the same time (which we cannot say always about an evening gown) – a cocktail dress.


Overall, there are a couple of rules – cocktail dress should be knee-length, or slightly above or below (no mini!), it should be not too revealing and, please, do not over-accessorise. Cocktail dresses vary from little black dresses to flower printed dresses to flowing chiffon skirt dresses. Why? As there are so many occasions – and it is important to bear it in mind. If you are invited to a formal or business cocktail party, go for simple clean-cut dresses and sleek accessories. On the other hand, if the invitation is for a garden party or a wedding, then choose light coloured dresses with some bolder accessories, or bright/printed dresses. The best choice of shoes is the high heels, only in rare occasions would we recommend wearing flats.

For your partner, a dark suit with a white or light-coloured shirt will be the best choice. And do not forget a tie and a pair of well-shined shoes.

Cheers! Stay tuned for the next edition of our ‘Dress Code Decoded’!

All photos are taken from Pinterest

Peppermint Rent-A-Dress at Swiss Women Entrepreneur Gala

Daria Rudin


The event took place in Savoy Baur en Ville, a hotel in the center of Zurich, on a Friday night. What can be a better reason to dress up? We have seen many ladies in the beautiful evening gowns and cocktail dresses, sequin dresses and satin dresses, with lace and embellishments. Our team went for a black midi dress, as it suits perfectly to a creative black tie code and gala event, while at the same time is extremely comfortable when one has to move around.

We are grateful to SEM for being a part of this event and hope that there will be more similar events in Switzerland that are celebrating women in style!

Following the topic of our last post, we would like to share with you our experience at the first Swiss Women Entrepreneur Gala! This event, organised by Swiss Entrepreneurs Magazine, was aimed to celebrate all the amazing women out there that have their own businesses. Being the women entrepreneurs ourselves, we know how busy we are in our day-to-day tasks, trying to combine work, business and family. That is why it is so important to take some time and really celebrate the success and meet other like-minded ladies.


Dress Codes Decoded – Black Tie

Daria Rudin

Black Tie_1.jpg

So you got an invitation and there is a dress code mentioned. We know how difficult it can be to navigate in the various dress codes: what is the difference between black tie, creative black tie or black tie optional? How to be that girl that wears a perfect dress for the occasion, being neither overdressed nor underdressed? We will try to help you and navigate through various dress codes in our blog.

There are so many dress codes, to name a few: black tie, creative black tie, black tie optional, white tie, lounge suit, cocktail, smart casual.

In this article we will talk a bit more in detail about variations of black tie dress code. So if the invitation says black tie then it is rather formal, like a gala, a ball or a charity event. Black tie code is less formal than white tie but more formal than other dress codes. You are required to wear a floor length gown, it must be elegant and we would recommend to go for classic timeless colors, navy, red or black. For men that would mean wearing a white shirt, evening waistcoat or cummerband, a tuxedo and a black bow tie.


Black Tie_2.jpg

Going further, let’s examine creative black tie dress code. Here the event you are attending is still formal but not as much. You can bring in element of creativity in your outfit, like wearing a midi dress or bringing more colors into it. Decorative elements would be a nice addition too. Your partner can go as well for some fun in the outfit, like replacing white shirt with black or black bow tie with a red one.

Black Tie_3.jpg

An optional black tie is probably the most difficult of all. You might think that you can wear anything you like, as it states optional. But that is not the case. Even though, it is a lighter version of the black tie, you are still required to wear a dress and it must be elegant. Some points can be played with, like the length of the dress, so cocktail dress might be an option. Think it well through before you decide – here it is better to be overdressed than to fall in a trap of a hostess that just wants to Show off her new gown :)

Stay tuned for the next edition of our ‘Dress Code Decoded’!

All photos are taken from Pinterest

FALL in LOVE with Autumn’17 / Winter’18 Trends

Daria Rudin

What we all want to know first is, of course, which colors are in fashion this autumn/winter? The must-have color of the season is RED, one of our favorites. Various shades of this fiery color have been seen on the runways of Valention, Balenciaga, Gucci and other designers. And if you are not that brave to wear red from head to toe, do not forget that there are still shoes and accessories you can play with. For instance, red shoes and a red lipstick, or red nails and a red purse, with a black outfit would be an option. Some other trend colors include grey, black, bordeaux and dark emerald. Bordeux can be, by the way, a good alternative to bold red.

If we talk about evening dresses, then this season we like to see them embellished. Various décor options are available: feathers and sequins, for instance. These elements are going to be essential if you are heading to a Christmas or a New Year Party. Those look great, but do not forget the practicalities of having such a dress – no washing, dry-clean only!

Some of other trends we have spotted is embroidery on dresses or tops. The beautiful stitching can either be subtle and appear on sleeves and collars, or go all the way with the embroidered back panel. Another decoration element we love on the clothing are white hot fix pearls. Not as glimmery as the beads, the white hotfixes give the dress or a top a more classy and sophisticated look.


What concerns the length of a dress or a skirt this autumn/ winter, all three – mini, midi and maxi lengths are in fashion. With various designers trying different materials, like sheer fabrics, the maxi skirts are becoming less formal and are no more associated with conservative dressing. Mid-calf length is as well not considered any more modest, but modern. And there are some alternatives in midi to choose from – tight silhouettes for a more sensual appeal, or full skirts with more volume in the evening gowns.

Now, if someone asks you what the main trends are you can with certainty say: red color, décor elements, sequins and feathers, white hot fix pearls and any skirt length. Do not forget to try them all out – just maybe not all of those in the same piece of clothing :)

All photos are taken from Pinterest


Do a Don’t – Maxi Dress

Daria Rudin

Снимок экрана 2017-06-05 в 23.13.57 копия.jpg

So often we hear from girls and women that they are too short to wear a maxi dress. But why? You do not need to be a model to wear a long dress and look fabulous. Look at the celebs like Miroslava Duma (150 cm), Aimee Song (163 cm) or Lucy Williams (165 cm). And how tall do you think our model (on the picture) is? She is only around 165 cm, so what we would like to tell you is that maxi dresses are for everyone, you just need to know a few tricks on how to make it work for you.

We guess you already know our first tip – heels and again heels! You cannot get around those wearing a long dress, especially if the event is formal. Important is the comfortable height, 7-8 cm would do. And do not forget to wear them a few times before the event, no one needs to suffer :o

If your figure is light and slender we would suggest a dress that sits tight on your figure as that would help to elongate the silhouette. It would be as well beneficial to have a dress with a deep neckline, as again it will visually make you seem taller. As to the colour, it would be best to go for a solid one and not to experiment with the prints too much.

On the other hand, if you are petite and have some curves, the A-line or empire dress might suit better. In any case, the dresses that would allow more space for the hips are preferable. You can as well play with the accessories, like a thin belt to visually elongate the bottom half. Solid colour or some kind of vertical print would be a better choice.

And if you think that maxi dresses are not comfortable, that can be if you are not used to it at first, but for sure it will be compensated by the fact that all eyes in the room will be turned on you!

Once Upon a Time..

Daria Rudin

Once upon a time two girls in the US invested their money into buying a handful of designer dresses and the story began.

Have you ever heard about Rent the Runway? While not very well known in Europe, the company became a major success in the United States with over 100 Mio USD revenue nowadays. The owners identified two major trends in the society – willingness to share and aspiration to the popular women we see on the TV, in the movies, on the pages of magazines. Renting out the designer dresses at affordable price could allow every girl to look like one of these stars.

How did they come to an idea? A cousin of one of the founder’s bought an expensive designer dress to attend the wedding of a friend, which was way out of her budget. The reason stated was that she wanted to look beautiful but did not want to wear again one of the dresses she already had in her closet. Indeed, this problem we are all facing from time to time, isn’t it? Step by step the company was growing and raised capital with major venture capital firms. They could make the high fashion more affordable to wider market, disrupting the industry and inventing a new way of doing business. The core expertise of the company is not only fashion and e-commerce, but as well IT applications, logistics and big data analytics.

If you browse the Internet nowadays, you will find many and many companies that are offering services similar to Rent the Runway, both in the US, Europe and other continents. We were inspired by the idea – is there something like this in Switzerland? Not really, there are traditional companies that rent out the carnival costumes and wedding dresses, but not a service out there that offers affordable dresses for special occasions until now. Carefully considering the options, we have chosen to rent the dresses designed and produced by ourselves. Why? Because the dresses are unique, we can ensure the size match and the prices can be lower vs the haute couture pieces.

So – are you ready to get one of the dresses and have your ‘Cinderella moment’?

Prom Dresses – Latest Trends

Daria Rudin

And the time has arrived – the school days are over and the new chapter in your life begins. How best to celebrate such an important occasion? Of course with a perfect dress – would be our answer! But how to find this perfect dress and what is in fashion now?

First of all, it is important to follow your personality in order to feel comfortable in your dress. If you are of a romantic nature, we would recommend you the classic prom dress – full length and with a bit of a sparkle. This year’s trends are the special details, it could be a nice bow, or an effective cut-out of the back. You can see, as an example, our Mangostine Dress – the front is very classic while the back of the dress will make it for a real statement.

If you are more of a party girl, we would suggest to go for a shorter version. Important, however, not to go all out – in the end it is not a disco. How about a cocktail dress? It can be a sweet one, like our Lychee Dress or a more glimmery one, like our Skyberry Dress.

In case you prefer glamour and sultry look, long dresses are your option. What would be the most important detail for such a dress as per latest 2017 trends? A cut-out style, similar to our Edelberry dress, it will make your look unforgettable.

As to some other trends, why not to try an off-shoulder – all major couture houses in spring/summer 2017 have off-shoulder look in their shows, be it a blouse or a dress. And we have something for you as well – Lemon and Persimmon dresses will be the trendiest dresses in the room.

And of course the colors - light blue, light pink or light lilac dresses are the must for this summer. Do not forget that here you can play with the accessories – for instance, complement a cream colored dress (like our Nectarine) with the necklace and earrings that have those pastel colors.

So what’s left? Shoes! We will not recommend to wear sophisticated shoes for the prom, just classic pumps with the heel from 6 to 10 cm would work great. It would be best if you buy the shoes half a size more and try to wear them a couple times before the event – as you will be in those shoes probably all night long! A clutch or a handbag should be small and not more than the size of two hands.

Well, enough for the advices, just remember that it is your night and enjoy it!!!

Price you Pay to Look Gorgeous

Daria Rudin

A little bit about the price anyway, we wanted to have the final price with the delivery included so that it is transparent. The final price includes the following elements (% is from the rental price):

-        A part of the production cost (40%)
-        Professional dry cleaning and ironing (30%)
-        Packaging and delivery to your place and back to us (20%)
-        Margin to keep the business going (10%)

You probably had this experience when ordering online that by checkout you find out about additional charges for delivery and credit card processing. That will not happen by us, you pay exactly the amount you see. And as to cleaning, if you buy the dress you would probably have to do it yourself either way😉?

We can talk about it even longer, but better if you try for yourself and see how our dresses make your event even more special!

Why to Rent?

Daria Rudin

We are constantly being challenged by girls and women – why to rent if you can buy nowadays a dress in a shop for twice less the money? Indeed, the mass market apparel pricing in the last years has decreased significantly. However, did you consider the following aspects:

-        What is the quality of the dress I would like to wear?
-        Would I want it to be produced ethically?
-        Is it important for me that my outfit stands out?
-        Do I really want to wear the same dress for several occasions?

Depending on how you answer those questions, you may find the answer to the main one ‘Why to Rent?’

It might be not the cheapest option, but the quality of the material and the sewing would be superior to the dresses you can find in the usual mass market shops. We have designed, constructed, chosen material and controlled the production process, it is not outsourced and we ensure the output quality ourselves. We do not use unethical production methods and source from reliable suppliers.

Your dress will be unique - it is produced in very limited quantities, as opposed to mass market. And agree, it would be quite horrible to appear at a party in the same dress as three other girls?

Afraid that it will not fit as you are ordering online? Here the risk is limited as we are offering the dresses that are designed by us and we ensure that the measurements are exact as stated in our size table. While online shops often offer clothes from different brands, where the same size might not mean the same measurements, here you avoid this issue. And in the worst case, our team is always there to help and find an alternative solution.

Last but not least, it probably does not make sense to buy a dress and wear it only once, it is such a waste of efforts that multiple people invested in its creation. We are for sustainable business and would like that our dresses bring many happy memories to you and others not only once!