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Rental of Dresses and Accessories for Special Events

Kleider und Accessoires Mietservice für spezielle Anlasse

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Once Upon a Time..

Daria Rudin

Once upon a time two girls in the US invested their money into buying a handful of designer dresses and the story began.

Have you ever heard about Rent the Runway? While not very well known in Europe, the company became a major success in the United States with over 100 Mio USD revenue nowadays. The owners identified two major trends in the society – willingness to share and aspiration to the popular women we see on the TV, in the movies, on the pages of magazines. Renting out the designer dresses at affordable price could allow every girl to look like one of these stars.

How did they come to an idea? A cousin of one of the founder’s bought an expensive designer dress to attend the wedding of a friend, which was way out of her budget. The reason stated was that she wanted to look beautiful but did not want to wear again one of the dresses she already had in her closet. Indeed, this problem we are all facing from time to time, isn’t it? Step by step the company was growing and raised capital with major venture capital firms. They could make the high fashion more affordable to wider market, disrupting the industry and inventing a new way of doing business. The core expertise of the company is not only fashion and e-commerce, but as well IT applications, logistics and big data analytics.

If you browse the Internet nowadays, you will find many and many companies that are offering services similar to Rent the Runway, both in the US, Europe and other continents. We were inspired by the idea – is there something like this in Switzerland? Not really, there are traditional companies that rent out the carnival costumes and wedding dresses, but not a service out there that offers affordable dresses for special occasions until now. Carefully considering the options, we have chosen to rent the dresses designed and produced by ourselves. Why? Because the dresses are unique, we can ensure the size match and the prices can be lower vs the haute couture pieces.

So – are you ready to get one of the dresses and have your ‘Cinderella moment’?