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Rental of Dresses and Accessories for Special Events

Kleider und Accessoires Mietservice für spezielle Anlasse

Style Guide

Dress Codes Decoded – Cocktail

Daria Rudin

Cocktail dress - what can be simpler, you think? Not so easy as it seems!


Have you ever wondered why cocktail? The reason lays in history – in the 1920s more and more women started to work, and the companies hosted cocktail parties for the employees and the customers. Thus, there has arisen a need in a dress that would be suitable for those occasions and comfortable at the same time (which we cannot say always about an evening gown) – a cocktail dress.


Overall, there are a couple of rules – cocktail dress should be knee-length, or slightly above or below (no mini!), it should be not too revealing and, please, do not over-accessorise. Cocktail dresses vary from little black dresses to flower printed dresses to flowing chiffon skirt dresses. Why? As there are so many occasions – and it is important to bear it in mind. If you are invited to a formal or business cocktail party, go for simple clean-cut dresses and sleek accessories. On the other hand, if the invitation is for a garden party or a wedding, then choose light coloured dresses with some bolder accessories, or bright/printed dresses. The best choice of shoes is the high heels, only in rare occasions would we recommend wearing flats.

For your partner, a dark suit with a white or light-coloured shirt will be the best choice. And do not forget a tie and a pair of well-shined shoes.

Cheers! Stay tuned for the next edition of our ‘Dress Code Decoded’!

All photos are taken from Pinterest