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Dress Codes Decoded – Black Tie

Daria Rudin

Black Tie_1.jpg

So you got an invitation and there is a dress code mentioned. We know how difficult it can be to navigate in the various dress codes: what is the difference between black tie, creative black tie or black tie optional? How to be that girl that wears a perfect dress for the occasion, being neither overdressed nor underdressed? We will try to help you and navigate through various dress codes in our blog.

There are so many dress codes, to name a few: black tie, creative black tie, black tie optional, white tie, lounge suit, cocktail, smart casual.

In this article we will talk a bit more in detail about variations of black tie dress code. So if the invitation says black tie then it is rather formal, like a gala, a ball or a charity event. Black tie code is less formal than white tie but more formal than other dress codes. You are required to wear a floor length gown, it must be elegant and we would recommend to go for classic timeless colors, navy, red or black. For men that would mean wearing a white shirt, evening waistcoat or cummerband, a tuxedo and a black bow tie.


Black Tie_2.jpg

Going further, let’s examine creative black tie dress code. Here the event you are attending is still formal but not as much. You can bring in element of creativity in your outfit, like wearing a midi dress or bringing more colors into it. Decorative elements would be a nice addition too. Your partner can go as well for some fun in the outfit, like replacing white shirt with black or black bow tie with a red one.

Black Tie_3.jpg

An optional black tie is probably the most difficult of all. You might think that you can wear anything you like, as it states optional. But that is not the case. Even though, it is a lighter version of the black tie, you are still required to wear a dress and it must be elegant. Some points can be played with, like the length of the dress, so cocktail dress might be an option. Think it well through before you decide – here it is better to be overdressed than to fall in a trap of a hostess that just wants to Show off her new gown :)

Stay tuned for the next edition of our ‘Dress Code Decoded’!

All photos are taken from Pinterest