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Rental of Dresses and Accessories for Special Events

Kleider und Accessoires Mietservice für spezielle Anlasse

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Why to Rent?

Daria Rudin

We are constantly being challenged by girls and women – why to rent if you can buy nowadays a dress in a shop for twice less the money? Indeed, the mass market apparel pricing in the last years has decreased significantly. However, did you consider the following aspects:

-        What is the quality of the dress I would like to wear?
-        Would I want it to be produced ethically?
-        Is it important for me that my outfit stands out?
-        Do I really want to wear the same dress for several occasions?

Depending on how you answer those questions, you may find the answer to the main one ‘Why to Rent?’

It might be not the cheapest option, but the quality of the material and the sewing would be superior to the dresses you can find in the usual mass market shops. We have designed, constructed, chosen material and controlled the production process, it is not outsourced and we ensure the output quality ourselves. We do not use unethical production methods and source from reliable suppliers.

Your dress will be unique - it is produced in very limited quantities, as opposed to mass market. And agree, it would be quite horrible to appear at a party in the same dress as three other girls?

Afraid that it will not fit as you are ordering online? Here the risk is limited as we are offering the dresses that are designed by us and we ensure that the measurements are exact as stated in our size table. While online shops often offer clothes from different brands, where the same size might not mean the same measurements, here you avoid this issue. And in the worst case, our team is always there to help and find an alternative solution.

Last but not least, it probably does not make sense to buy a dress and wear it only once, it is such a waste of efforts that multiple people invested in its creation. We are for sustainable business and would like that our dresses bring many happy memories to you and others not only once!